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What is Concordion?

This tool is inspired by David Peterson's Concordion originally written in Java. The goal of our version of Concordion is to provide an active specification framework in Ruby.

What do you mean by active specification?

A specification is...

a detailed, exact statement of particulars, especially a statement prescribing materials, dimensions, and quality of work for something to be built, installed, or manufactured.[URL]
"Concordion specifications are active. Behind the scenes, they are linked to the system under test" [Peterson]

How do I know it works?

Turns out Concordion has a few tests that demonstrate it actually works! The current specifications are located here

Here is a Tutorial to get you on your way!

Installation Instructions

Using RubyGems simply ensure that rubyforge is a source repository:

$>gem install concordion --source
Successfully installed concordion- 1 gem installed Installing ri documentation for concordion- Installing RDoc documentation for concordion-
Right now there are some dependencies on Hpricot and diff-lcs that will be installed along with the gem.

If you like to install it yourself without gem install there is a list of packaged distributions in the downloads section for gem, tar and zip distributions.

Open Source!

Click here to browse the source online.

Where can I get help or complain about this thing?

There are a few ways:

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